Sustainability program

Our sustainability program, Packaging for Good, focuses on four themes; People, Packaging, Supply chain and Operations. These are the most material sustainability-related aspects for our business. We have a stated ambition for each theme and measure our performance against related key performance indicators.


Goal: By the end of 2020, our work culture and reputation as a responsible employer make us a desired place to work


Goal: By the end of 2020, our customers see Huhtamaki as a most trusted partner to deliver and innovate on sustainability and food safety

Supply chain

Goal: By the end of 2020, all key suppliers work with us to deliver on our Code of Conduct for Huhtamaki Suppliers


Goal: By the end of 2020, we produce more, with less impact on the environment per unit of production

Materiality assessment

To ensure that our sustainability work continues to concentrate on the most material issues, we update our materiality assessment regularly.

Sustainable Development Goals

We have identified 11 Sustainable Development Goals that are most relevant for our business and our stakeholders.